How to Get More Diversity with Better Job Adverts

Diversity – it is more than just the latest push by government to make the workplace more inclusive. It is actually one of the best ways to increase a company’s profitability and success within their industry. A McKinsey report in 2015 found that those companies in the top 25 per cent of their industry in terms of diversity were also the highest earning in their sector.

Similar studies from Credit Suisse, PwC, and additional McKinsey reports have shown that diversity drives higher net business incomes, higher business returns, and numerous other advantages. In short, diversity in the workplace is good for both workers and for employers.

10 Ways to Remove Gender Bias from Job Listings

Gender bias in the workplace – it’s something that all nations must deal with to one extent or another. Ireland is no exception. In fact, it is quite a significant problem. According to a story reported by The Irish Times in early 2018, “the overall gender pay gap in Ireland in 2017 was 13.9 per cent, according to the Central Statistics Office.”

Many schemes are underway in an attempt to rectify the pay gap, but numerous hirers are now realising that creating a diverse workforce offers benefits for their organisations as much as it does to female workers. Diverse workforces drive profitability, particularly when women make up at least 15% of management, as noted by a Credit Suisse Research report in 2014. Other advantages include better worker satisfaction, and even better employee performance, all things that any business owner or decision maker would find beneficial.

How to Avoid Discrimination in Job Adverts

In a previous blog post, we addressed the importance of tailoring job specs to a female audience. We also introduced the Gender Decoder, developed by the Irish Centre for Diversity, and the guidance document created by CIF and the Irish Centre for Diversity. Diversity within the workplace is more important today than ever before – it offers improved results, enhanced performance, greater employee satisfaction, and numerous other advantages.