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112,000 Construction Jobs

The construction industry will require 112,000 Construction Jobs over the next three years to build the houses, hospitals, schools etc for Ireland’s rapidly growing economy and population.

If you have an interest in construction, you’re experienced in construction or even if you’re considering coming home, now is the time to consider the construction industry.

On this site, you’ll find job opportunities from the leading construction companies in Ireland. These companies are Rebuilding Ireland and eager to hear from you.

If you , you’ll receive weekly updates and notifications about job postings in your area. The CIF will keep you informed of developments in Ireland and in the construction sector so visit this site regularly if you’re considering moving home.

Our Structure

CIF is the Irish construction industry’s representative body. All stakeholders recognise the CIF as the voice for construction because each sector and region are represented.

The CIF successfully shapes policy for its members and focuses on:

  • Public capital spending programmes
  • Public sector procurement contracts, policies and procedures
  • Ensuring regulation is smart, targeted and effective
  • Improving access to finance for SMEs
  • Ensuring there are adequate skills to support growth
  • Enhancing the reputation of sector

CIF is member-led organisation through its 34 member Executive Committee. All members of this committee and other policy-groups are appointed from and by the CIF’s branches and associations. The executive committee directs a team of executives, subject matter experts and support staff in pursuing the objectives of the CIF’s committees, associations and branches.

The Complete Service

CIF supports your business directly with information and expert advice on a range of construction specific issues:

Industrial Relations problems / employment legislation.

  • Contracts you have entered into with clients / main contractors / sub contractors
  • Payment disputes / debt recovery
  • Procurement and Pre-qualification
  • Planning and development issues
  • Site safety issues and safety management systems

If you have a problem, the CIF’s expert support team will be able to assist you in the vast majority of situations. Furthermore, our detailed knowledge of the economy and the investment market sectorally and regionally can support your marketing efforts through the provision of market intelligence and a range of networking opportunities. A comprehensive range of training and business development programmes are available to ensure that your firm can assess high quality training inputs in safety and environmental requirements and business development.

Regular briefings on key policy development during the year are provided free to members on a regional basis.

The CIF publishes annually a Directory of Services and Register of Members. We circulate this widely to all clients on our client database. In addition, the CIF has specialist registers of members of Safe-T-Cert, Heritage Contractors and firms on the Environmental Retrofit Register. These registers are also promoted to potential clients on behalf of members of the registers.

Many members receive substantial reductions in the cost of CIF membership by availing of a number of affinity programmes negotiated on behalf of members including:

More cost effective insurance – EL/PL and contractors all risk through Affinity Cover.

Cheaper fixed line phone calls and broadband through the CIF’s Magnet Affinity Scheme.

Policy Committees

The Executive Body works to find the best policy outcomes for the whole industry recognising that through working together, CIF is substantially more than the sum of its parts. To support its work, the Executive Body has a number of policy sub-committees where members work to prepare developed policy platforms for consideration by the Executive Body. Among the policy Committees, the following are particularly active:

  • Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Committee
  • Taxation, Investment and Public Spending Committee
  • Energy, Sustainability and Waste Management Committee
  • Finance and Working Capital Committee
  • Procurement, Tendering and Contractual Matters Committee


At national level, the CIF has a number of sectoral Associations that pursue the policy objectives of their sub-sector of the industry. The sectoral groups are divided into five main areas:

  • Master Builders and Contractors Association
  • Civil Engineering Contractors Association
  • Mechanical & Electrical Contractors Associations
  • Irish Home Builders Association
  • Alliance of Specialist Contractors Associations, the umbrella group for 22 specialist sub-contracting associations within the Federation.

Regional Branches

The CIF has 13 Branches within its regional structure with offices in Dublin, Cork and Galway. Branches across the country are very active in addressing local issues with clients / local authorities and State agencies at regional level. Branch meetings provide a forum for members to meet and to input to national policy issues and to be represented in national and sectoral policy development. Branches are available to address all local area matters on behalf of members, to provide networking opportunities and promote the use of CIF members within our four regions:

  • Dublin Region
  • Eastern Region
  • Southern Region
  • Western / Midland Region
  • Dublin Branch

Members of the CIF in County Dublin are members of the Dublin Branch of CIF. Briefing meetings are held for Dublin Branch members throughout the year in the CIF’s Dublin office or at venues on the north and south sides of the city.

Eastern Region

CIF operates four Branches in the Eastern region:

  • Kildare Branch
  • North East Branch covering counties Meath, Louth and Monaghan
  • Kilkenny / Carlow Branch
  • Wicklow / North Wexford Branch

James Benson is the CIF Director responsible for the Eastern Region. Branches meet regularly throughout the year and a number of events are organised on a regional basis for members in the Eastern Region. Details of Branch meetings and other events for the region are available from James Benson who is Secretary of the four Branches in the region and can be contacted at 01 406 6061 or by email.

Southern Region

The Southern region of the CIF comprises four Branches as follows:

  1. Cork Branch (covering Cork City and County)
  2. Kerry Branch
  3. Mid-West Branch (covering Limerick, Clare and Tipperary North Riding)
  4. South East Branch (covering Waterford, South Wexford and Tipperary South Riding)

These four Branches are serviced from our Cork office. Conor O’Connell, Regional Director of the Southern Region is Secretary of the Cork, Kerry, South East Branches and the Mid-West Branch. Details of branch meetings and other regional meetings for members are available from Conor O’Connell at the Cork Office, tel: 021 435 1410 or email [email protected] / [email protected].

Western/Midlands Region

The Federation’s Galway office services the four Branches in the Western / Midlands region. These are:

  • Galway Branch
  • Donegal Branch
  • North West Branch (covering Sligo, Mayo and Leitrim)
  • Midlands Branch (covering Roscommon, Longford, Laois, Offaly, Cavan and Westmeath)

Justin Molloy is the Regional Director of the four Branches in the Western / Midland Region. Branches meet regularly throughout the year and details of meetings are available from the CIF Galway office, Tel 091-502680 or email or [email protected].