How to Attract the Right Talent

Outset Support 13/11/2018 Advice for Employers

It’s no secret that Ireland’s construction industry is booming right now. That growth is expected to continue apace for years to come. For contractors and construction companies, that is a two-edged sword. Yes, it means plenty of demand from customers for new builds, but it also means it is more important than ever before to have the right talent in your company. How do you attract the right candidates for your openings?

Shoot for Diversity

One of the most important things to consider is how diverse your workforce is and how you might make it even more diverse. Yes, this includes hiring workers of different ethnicities, but for the construction industry, one of the largest hurdles is attracting more women to available jobs, and not just for administrative positions. Cite diversity and openness in your job adverts and you’ll notice a difference.

Offer Competitive Pay

While there are many factors that attract employees, pay is definitely one of the most important (but not necessarily the most important). Make sure that your salary offering is competitive within the industry. It needn’t be the best out there, though. You want to look at the total package that you’re offering.

Deliver Important Perks

Today’s workers expect more perks than ever before, although they’re often willing to take a pay cut to get those perks. Make sure you offer the right incentives – paid time off, maternity and paternity leave, and the like. Some positions may qualify for flex work, allowing your employee to work remotely (administrative jobs, primarily).

Look to Your Brand Ambassadors

Pay close attention to your brand ambassadors. These are the people who represent your company in the public eye. The right ambassadors will express your company’s brand and culture well, and will actually go a long way toward attracting the talent that you want. However, the wrong ambassadors can short-circuit your success here, and may even drive talent to your competitors, which is not something you can afford.

Know Your Requirements

Finally, make sure that you know your job requirements, and that you have them clearly separated from the “nice to have” attributes in your job descriptions. It’s difficult to attract the right talent if you have a must-have list that is a page long.

Follow these tips and you will find attracting the right talent to your company is simpler than you expect.