Are You the Right Fit for the Construction Industry?

Outset Support 13/11/2018 Advice for Employees

Looking for a rewarding career path? While Ireland has several burgeoning industries, the construction sector is experiencing massive growth. That can make it a very attractive option for job seekers. However, it is important to ensure that you’re a good fit for this sector. How do you determine that?

You Enjoy Design and Building

One of the most obvious considerations here is that you enjoy the design and building process. It could be purely from the design angle, or it could be the physical act of building something new, but it is vital that you enjoy the process.

You Are Focused on Accuracy

There are few industries where accuracy and attention to detail matter more than in the world of construction. Detail-focused individuals are highly sought after because of their ability to pay close attention to minutia that would escape others, whether that’s a tiny fraction in physical measurements or shortages in ordering construction materials and supplies.

You Like to Solve Problems

One way to look at any construction project is as a series of problems or puzzles that must be solved. This applies at all steps along the path – from site inspection and clearing to foundation building and final construction. If you have a penchant for solving problems and puzzles, then you’ll find that the construction industry can be quite rewarding.

You Want to Contribute to Irish Society

Many people who enter the Irish construction industry do so out of a desire to give back to society as a whole. This is particularly common in the commercial sector, where you might be building anything from the next grocers to a non-profit organisation’s headquarters. However, it is also present in the residential construction industry. After all, what better way to give back is there than to help others get into a home of their very own?

Interested? Now Comes the Next Step

So, does a career in construction sound interesting? If so, that’s great. Now you need to take the next step. There are plenty of different specialities within the wider industry that can add to how personally rewarding you find your career. For instance, would you be better suited as a site management professional? Would building surveying be a better fit? What about architectural technology or civil engineering? These are just a few examples of your options.

Ultimately, the construction industry is a great fit for a very wide range of interests, aptitudes and drives.