4 Reasons to Consider Hiring Millennials for Your Construction Firm

Outset Support 13/11/2018 Advice for Employers

If you were to take a quick look online about the work ethic and value of the various generations (Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, etc.), you might think that Millennials are the last people you want working for you. Depending on the source, they’re called lazy, disinterested, picky, and other not-so-nice epithets. The truth, though, is that Millennials can be just what your construction company needs. Why is that? Here are four reasons.

They’re Tech Savvy

One reason that you should focus on bringing Millennials into your business is that they are tech-savvy. This generation grew up with personal computers and the Internet, unlike previous generations that learned to use these devices later in life. That means Millennials are digital natives, and they’re familiar with concepts and workflows that other generations are not. In addition, their familiarity with technology in general means that they are often able to pick up and run with new devices and techniques with a minimal learning curve.

They’re Also the Average Homebuyer

If you operate a residential construction firm, then you’ll have noticed a shift in your average customer. No longer are Baby Boomers looking to buy – they’re downsizing and selling. Generation Xers are holding tight to what they have or looking to downsize. Millennials, on the other hand, are buying. They are actually your average homebuyer today, which means that adding this generation to your workforce allows you to adapt to changing needs and expectations.

They Think Outside the Box

Millennials are amongst the least likely employees to bound their thinking within conventional lines. They can and do think outside the box. This allows them to come up with innovative solutions to real-world challenges that benefit your clients and your business.

They’re Amongst the Most Loyal

Finally, despite what the media have said about them, Millennials are among the most loyal employees out there. Yes, they can and do change jobs, but most of them report wanting to find a good employer and then stick with them for the long term. Of course, that does mean that you need to ensure your corporate culture is up to par.

These four reasons clearly illustrate why you should consider focusing on bringing Millennials into your construction business.