5 Tips for Landing a Construction Job

Outset Support 25/10/2018 Advice for Employees

Looking for a fast-growing, exciting, rewarding career field where you’ll be challenged? While there are plenty of options out there, the construction industry is one of the best choices. Whether you’ve always loved designing and building things, or it’s a recent development, you’ll discover a number of rewarding positions in construction where you can earn an excellent living. How do you get your foot in the door, though?

1.Think about an Apprenticeship

Perhaps the first thing to consider is applying for a formal apprenticeship. These positions are lower paid, but they provide you with the chance to learn the ropes before you enter the construction industry as a full-fledged professional. You will often work for two or more years before being ready to work on your own.

2.Become a Trainee

Some construction companies do not offer apprenticeships but do offer trainee programs. These take a couple of forms. You might begin as an unskilled labourer and gain familiarity with construction processes, tools, and safety systems through exposure. On the other hand, you may be assigned to a particular senior worker who will act as your mentor.

3.Build a Network

As you advance from lower to higher paid positions, it is important that you take time to build your network. Like every other industry, knowing how the work is performed is only part of the equation. The other part is the relationship with people that you create. Everyone you meet has something to teach you and can become a valuable connection down the road.

4. Use the Internet

If you’re not finding much in the way of work by word of mouth, turn to the Internet. You’ll find a wide range of job boards specific to Ireland, such as Jobs.ie, IrisJobs.ie and JobsBoard.ie. However, there are others that might be worth your time, as well. For instance, ie.Indeed.com is the Irish branch of the international job-search giant Indeed and is well worth a look. Or you can add your details to cifjobs.ie

5.Obtain Advanced Training

If you really want to make yourself the best possible job candidate, you need to look into advanced training and certification options. From safety certification to tool and equipment know-how, advanced training ensures that you stand out from the crowd.

The Irish construction industry is experiencing significant growth and is becoming more and more diverse by the day. If you’re interested in a rewarding career with plenty of potentials, this could be it.